Kausar College Of Educaion
Established in 2002, Kausar College of Education is affiliated with University of Kashmir and is a premier College of Education provided Degree programs in B.Ed. The University of Kashmir came in to existence on 5th September 1969. Initially in 1948 it was the University of Jammu and Kashmir, primarily as an affiliating and examining body. However, the full-fledged University to sustain and enrich the ancient tradition of learning in Kashmir. Kausar College of Education follows the same learning and guiding principles ad University of Kashmir to spread the knowledge and education maintaining the high commitment of delivering the quality education.
Statement of College Committees




Statement of College Committees

1.Practice teaching:

i). Ms. Neelofer Zahoor (Convenor)
ii). Ms. Sabia Mir
iii).Mr. M.D. Wani
iv). Ms. Shaista Amin
v). Ms. Sabina Shafi

2.College IQAC (Internal Quality
Assurance Cell/Grievance
Redressel Cell

i). Ms. Neelofar Zahoor (Convenor)
ii). Ms. Sabina Shafi
iii).Mr. Irshad Ahmad

3.College Publication:

i). Ms. Sabia Mir (Editor)
ii). Ms. Neelofer Rashid
iii). Student
iv). Student

4.NAAC Steering Committee:

i). Ms. Sabia (Convenor)
ii). Ms. Roshan (Coordinator)

5.Committee for College

i). Mr. Altaf Ah. Bazaz (Chairman)
ii). Mrs. Sabia Mir (Principal)
iii). Ms. Neelofer Jan (Lecturer)
iv). Ms. Roshan Ara (Lecturer)

6.Committee for Co-curricular 
activities :

i). Ms. Roshan (Convenor)
ii). Ms. Sabina Shafi
iii). Ms. Shaista Amin

7.College Time Table Committee:

i). Ms. Neelofer Zahoor (Convenor)
ii). Mr. M.D. Wani
iii). Ms. Malti Dhanik 

8.College Alumni:

i). Principal will interact with Management to get a few names 
of teachers of repute from within  and the locality.
ii). Mr. M.D. Wani

9.Examination Committees:

i). Ms. Shaista Amin (Convenor)
ii). Ms. Neelofer Rasheed
iii). Ms. Neelofar Jan 


Those B.Ed Late College/Backlog & Mercy Chance (one year scheme) candidates download their online examination forms 19th July & 20th July, 2018
Date Sheet For B.Ed (one year scheme) Examination for the eligible Petitioners/Late College/Backlog/Mercy candidates.
Date Sheet For B.Ed (one year scheme) Examination for the eligible Petitioners/Late College/Backlog/Mercy candidates.
B.Ed Late College/Backlog & Mercy Chance (one year scheme) Extend date 10/07/2018 & 11/07/2018 for two days only with late fee of Rs.500/-
Notification B.Ed Backlog For One Year Scheme only and Mercy Chance. Session 2018
Syllabus for B.Ed 2nd Semester
Syllabus for B.Ed First Semester
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