Kausar College Of Educaion
Established in 2002, Kausar College of Education is affiliated with University of Kashmir and is a premier College of Education provided Degree programs in B.Ed. The University of Kashmir came in to existence on 5th September 1969. Initially in 1948 it was the University of Jammu and Kashmir, primarily as an affiliating and examining body. However, the full-fledged University to sustain and enrich the ancient tradition of learning in Kashmir. Kausar College of Education follows the same learning and guiding principles ad University of Kashmir to spread the knowledge and education maintaining the high commitment of delivering the quality education.



              Few years ago, we had a dream to create a benchmark educational  institute of  Kashmir valley.Today India has gained economic supremacy  and we feel pleasure  and proud to contribute our part towards the  development of the nation by creating  eminent professionals. Teaching  is a noble profession. We need dedicated, honest  and efficient teachers  for imparting education to our young teachers. In order to  rain  teachers, educate them about new methodologies of teaching and new  approaches, we need training colleges.

                  We began it as an idea and now it has emerged as an acknowledged  institute for  quality learning. Kausar College, one of the reputed  institute of valley which  produces teachers, who in turn mould the destinies of millions of students, have a  great responsibility of strict adherence to quality. Due openings are to be provided to students to exhibit their talent and develop their personalities. Launching a website is one such step in that direction.

                  The college has made tremendous progress on academic extra – curricular, co – curricular and infrastructural fronts. By the grace of Almighty Allah and the blessings of our well wishers, the college is on the right track and is presently on the road of progress. We are trying our level best to provide best suitable atmosphere to our trainees especially, trainees from outside the state and to make them comfortable while staying here. We do hope that above facts would gain your interest. We look forward to your positive and favourable responses and also assure you the best of our services at all times.

 Principal  Message

  eaching as specialized activity is not every bodies. Cup of tea .it demands a definite aptitude and a specific bend of minds. Owing to the absence of said aptitude, in the general population most of teachers are made, for providing quality education to vast majority of student population. Pre-service training to the prespective teachers is therefore an essential requirement at all levels. The initiative and the role of govt in the area of teachers is therefore an essential requirement at all levels. The imitative and the role of govt in the area of teacher training has been very limited of two govt college of education one each for the two principal provinces of the state . The two state institutes of education again at provincial level and the D.I.E.T’s at the respective district levels are conducting refresher courses for in-service teacher.

                                Now that the scenario of education has altogether undergone a sea change. We are today living in the knowledge age. Today everyone is aspiring to know more and more whether it be the area of general education at the school/college level or in specialized areas educational level offered by the universities or I.I.M’s.with the given scenario the needs and requirement of a good teacher who not only knows his subject but has also the professionancy of communicating with his students is felt very badly. This feeling as a felt need has been growing in the academic circles over a long period of time .in tune with the government encouragement of allowing private and public partnership in the area of education, the public response has been not only positive but tremendous as well. This imitative has lead to the establishment of large number of college as affiliated college to the University of Kashmir. The work and contribution of this college of education in the state of Jammu &Kashmir as affiliated college to the University of Kashmir has been right from elementary tremendous teacher training course (E.T.T.E) up to Bachelor’s degree (B.Ed). However some of the junior colleges are yet in the struggling phase while as the senior colleges have not only raised their standard level but also trying to deliver as per the standards rules of university of Kashmir

                                           Admission to these colleges in conducted by dean college development council of university of Kashmir sgr. This means that their admission is open at all India level. Apart from fulfilling the local needs and demands. These colleges are also contributing at the national level Kausar College of education, Nowshera Srinagar is one of leading colleges waking in the private sector it is one of senior college offering multiple courses. The chairman of the college together with its board of directors and the academic faculty is conscious and highly sensitive to the national objective s and the societal demands and is as such evaluating and re-evaluating its strategies every now and then in order to remain currents with their never demands here and there.

                       The guiding principle of college is service to humanity in general and education in particular.



   Prof B. A. Nehavy


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