Kausar College Of Educaion
Established in 2002, Kausar College of Education is affiliated with University of Kashmir and is a premier College of Education provided Degree programs in B.Ed. The University of Kashmir came in to existence on 5th September 1969. Initially in 1948 it was the University of Jammu and Kashmir, primarily as an affiliating and examining body. However, the full-fledged University to sustain and enrich the ancient tradition of learning in Kashmir. Kausar College of Education follows the same learning and guiding principles ad University of Kashmir to spread the knowledge and education maintaining the high commitment of delivering the quality education.
Syllabus for B.Ed 2nd Semester

2nd  Semester

BED15201                   Development of Education System in India   M.Marks-80

Unit-I                            Education in Ancient& Medieval India

                                                I)            Vedic education

                                                II)           Buddhist Education

                                                III)         Muslim Education

                                                Detailed description of Salient features, Objectives, Curriculum, Methods of                                                      Teaching, Role of Teacher of these systems of Education

Unit-II                          Education in British India

                                                I)            Macaulay’s Minutes (1835 )

                                                II)           Wood’s Dispatch ( 1835 )

                                                III)         Education Commission ( 1882 )

                                                IV)         Sergeant Report ( 1944 )

                                                (With special reference to their major recommendations

Unit-III                         Education in Post-independent Era

                                                I)            Bhagwan Sahai Committee Report ( 1972 )

                                                II)           Secondary Education commission( 1952-53 )

                                                III)         Indian Education Commission (1964-66 )

                                                IV)         National policy on Education (1986 )

                                                V)          National Curriculum Framework (NCF-2005 )

                                                (With special reference to their major recommendations )

Unit-IV                         Problems and Issues

                                                I)            Universalization of Elementary Education

                                                II)           Open and distance Learning (ODL )

                                                III)         Education of Weaker Sections














BED15202                   Educational Guidance andCounseling                   M.Marks-80

Unit-I                            Guidance

                                                I)            Concept, Type-Educational,Vocational, Personal.

                                                II)           Aims of basic principles

                                                III)         History of Guidance Movement inU.K. and India


Unit-II                           Foundation ofGuidance

                                                I)            Philosophical andSocio-cultural Foundations

                                                II)           Psychological Foundation

                                                III)         Relevance of Intelligence andPersonality tests


Unit-III                         I )      Purpose of Organization

                                                II)           Principles of Organization

                                                III)         Guidance services at Elementarylevel

                                                IV)         Guidance services at Secondarylevel    


Unit-IV                         Counseling

                                                I)            Meaning and Purpose

                                                II)           Steps involved in counseling

                                                III)         Qualities of a Counselor.

                                                IV)         Directive and Non-directivetheories of counseling.



















BED-15203                 Educational Technology and ICT           M.Marks-80


Unit-I                            EducationalTechnology

                                                I)            Historical development ofeducational technology

                                                II)           Meaning, Objectives and scope.

                                                III)         Approaches off EducationalTechnology

                                                                a)            Hardware and Software,

                                                                b)            Multimedia and Mass-media

                                                IV)         Forms of educational technology

·        Teaching Technology

·        Behavioral Technology

·        Instructional Technology


Unit-II                            Teaching Learning Aids and Instructional Objectives

                                                I)            Teaching learning Aids:

                                                                a)            Meaning and Significance

                                                                b)            Types – Projected and Non-Projected( Role and TV-Edu.Use

                                                II)           Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and Psychomotor – domains


Unit-III                         Innovations in Teaching

                                                I)            Micro teaching –meaning ,steps ,Phases, merits and demerits.

                                                II)           Role of Supervisor and major skills of micro teaching.

                                                III)         Simulated Teaching-Meaning,Steps, types, advantages and                                                                                       disadvantages

                                                IV)         Programmed Learning-meaning,characteristics and principles.

                                                V)          Types of programmed learning-linear and branching


Unit-IV                         ICT In Educatioin

                                                I)            Information and communication technology Concept, need and scope.

                                                II)           `ICT Inputs in education

                                                III)         Project Based learning

                                                IV)         Computer assisted learning.








BED-15204                 Teacher Education                       M.Marks-80



Unit-I                            Introduction to Teacher Education

                                          I )            Concept, need and significance of teacher education

                                                II)           Historical development of teacher education in India

·        Pre-independence-ancient,medieval and British Period

·        Post-Independence

                                                III)         Recommendations of the following omissions and committees                                                                                               towards teacher education:

·        National Commission on Teachers- ( 1983-85 )

·        NCFTE –( 2009 )


Unit-II                           Teaching Profession and Teacher

                                                I)            Professional traits of a teacher-teacheras a manager, facilitator and                                                                       counselor

                                                II)           Techniques of teacher preparations

·        Team teaching –History, meaningand definitions, categories, advantages and disadvantages

·        Flanders interaction AnalysisModel.


Unit-III)               I )      District Institutes of Educational Training ( DIETS  )

                                                II)           State Institute of Education  ( SIEs)

                                                III)         State Council of Educational Research and Training ( SCERT )

                                                IV)         National Council of Teacher Education ( NCTE ) 

                                                V)          With special reference to composition and functions


Unit-IV )             Evaluation of Teachers               

                                                I)            Need for evaluation of Teachers

                                                II  )          Tools for teacher evolution-questionnaire and rating scale

                                                III)         Modes and Models of evaluation (Product and Process model )








BED-15205               Teaching of English                                     M.Marks-80


Unit-I                            Position of English Teaching

                                                I)            The Position of English in India

                                                II)           The Objectives of teaching English as a 2nd language at Secondary level

                                                III)         Principles of teaching English-Psychological, Linguistic & Pedagogical


Unit-II                          Understanding Language Skills

                                                I)            Knowing listening and speaking

                                                II)           Teaching listening and speaking through activities

                                                III)         Reading through different types­­-silent/loud,extensive and intensive

                                                IV)         Developing writing skill through classroom activities

                                                V)          Defects in reading and writing skills and their remedial measures

                                                VI)         learning to evaluate skills


Unit­-III                         Teaching of Prose and Poetry


                                                I)            Teaching of prose and lesson planning

                                                II)           Teaching of Poetry and lesson planning

                                                III)         Criteria of a good language test

                                                IV)         Type of language tests


Unit-IV                         Content


                                                I)            Determiners, auxiliaries and Models

                                                II)           Phrases, Verbs, Adverbs,Prepositions and  connectors

                                                III)         Tenses and Clauses

                                                IV)         Active and Passive Voice

                                                V)          Direct­­- indirect speech

                                                VI)         Punctuation

                                                VII)        Rhyme and Rhythin

                                                VIII)      Smile and Metapher

                                                IX)         Alliteration and Pun







INT2               School Internship Cum Micro teaching


                                INT2:(a)  School Internship

                     INT2: (b)  Micro-Teaching-Major Skills




2nd Semester ( September – January) INT 2





Marks 50





Visit Cum Observation to

2 Weeks







a) High School ( Observation of        8 Lessons )

5 Days








b)  Hr.Secondary School (observation of 4 Lessons )

5 Days

c)  DIET Visit and Observations

2 Days

B) Micro    Teaching

          Major Skills

2 Weeks




                     Activities to be recorded in the reflective Journal (RJ )


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